Mini Kits - Testimonials

Sounds sick !! Very cool and very clean packs

Probably the best modern drum samples on the market. Perfect if you like your drums to cut through the mix instantly !

A pleasure to finally see some serious french sound designers !

Awesome Kits here !!! These are our best sound banks currently, Trauma Audio killed it.

Having good sounding drums can really take your track to the next level. Throw those samples in your DAW and you’ll hardly need to process them !

Big up to Trauma Audio for those 4 mini kits. Sound super good !!

Trauma’s drums kits are sick, instantly replaced the drums I was using for my project after downloading the packs !

Really clean, simple but efficient sounds in there ! Definitely digging them, I’ve been using some of these samples for all my latest works in various genres.

Very well defined and efficient in all genres, Trauma’s samples are a new weapon for every producer.